If you want to make the most of the double XP weekends and stims, then here is a little trick to help you when you need to run AFK for some food or a bathroom break or … whatever.

A lot of people don’t realize that when you are in a conversation with NPCs or a cutscene, your timers are paused. This means your class buffs, stims and other experience boosts will not be running down on you and you can save the time if you need to step away.

Your timers will also pause when looking at the Galaxy map so this is a good way to stop everything for a few minutes when you have to AFK.

This works great when you’re solo but of course if you are running with a group, it will be a bit more difficult since they can holo call into the conversation. If you need to do this when you’re in a group, you will have to tell them what you’re doing and why.

These simple tips should help you be able to extend the life of your stims while leveling on double XP weekends. Do you have any other tips to add to help players get the most from their double experience time?