Well TORWarriors, the latest in Star Wars: The Old Republic news that comes from the devs has hit the presses and it looks like we’re getting new and interesting things in update 2.0.1. With the new Vice Contraband Packs that will coming with update 2.0.1, you can run around looking as sexy as Bastila Shan or as rugged as The Red Blade (yikes!). There will be mounts and gems galore, titles and Jawa grams, companion gifts and crafting materials as well as a new mini pet or two.

Behold! The new Wookie Shaver vehicle. Complete with shaved wookie!

Behold! The new Wookie Shaver vehicle. Complete with shaved wookie!


Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack

The Vice Commandant’s Contraband Pack features ten new gear sets worn by iconic figures from The Old Republic™ universe, including those of Bastila Shan, Thana Vesh, Jolee Bindo, House Thul, and The Red Blade. Four newly introduced mounts include the holo-canopied Cartel Decadent Skiff and the holo-stabilized Gurian Lightning. However, the gems of the pack are two new toys, each with abilities not found anywhere else in the game! The first is the Revan Holostatue, which acts as a summonable Commendations vendor. The second is the Music Therapy Probe, which triggers a fantastic group rest ability. Put on your Relaxed Uniform and get your move on with surrounding characters! You’ll also find all the other types of rare goods you’d expect: weapons, minipets, emotes, color crystals, and, for the very lucky, a return of the Rascal’s Toothpick. Sold individually or at a bulk discount in convenient Hypercrate packaging.

You can see pics and read more here.