A while back, BioWare clarified that if you tested on the big Thanksgiving Beta Weekend, or any time since, that you wouldn’t need to download a new client. Instead, it would be simply patched to the live version when the game releases.

Today, BioWare reaffirmed that if you played on or after November 25th, you do not need to re-install. If your test ended prior to that date, then you will need to download the new client when released:

If you participated in our Game Testing Program before November 25th, we recommend that you uninstall the game testing client (refer to instructions below) and then download and install the launch game client. We’ll update this post with more instructions when they’re available. The size of the launch game client is approximately 27 GB.

However, they also made a suggestion that you may want to re-install anyway if your client folder has leftover data from previous patches, thereby ballooning to a size well beyond the 27GB:

With that said, some users may notice that their game client folder is much larger than 27 GB on their system. This may be due to having redundant files from previous versions of the client. If you need to clear up space, we recommend completely uninstalling the client and downloading and installing the launch game client. Again, we’ll update this post with more instructions when they’re available.

Complete instructions to uninstall the client are provided in the post as well.

Me? I’ll probably do a complete re-install, simply to have the absolute cleanest directory and save some precious space on my SSD!